Notice n. 10/2012 Grant on “Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: models, analysis and control- theoretic problems ”

Deadline August 11, 2012, For disputes, the Italian text will be the only valid

ARGOMENTI: Assegni di ricerca

According to Law No. 168 of May 9, 1989;
According to the Charter of the University of Padua;
According to art. 22 of Law No. 240 of December 30, 2010, which regulates the awarding of
research grants;
According to Legislative Decree No. 17 of January 9, 2008, relative to admission of citizens of
foreign countries for scientific research purposes;
According to the current “Research funding plan” of the University;
According to the current regulations of the University for awarding research grants;
According to Ministry Decree No. 102 of March 9 2011, which established the minimum yearly
amount of grants awarded to research fellows;
According to the resolution of the Department Board of 17.07.2012
Deeming it is proper to publish a notice of selection for awarding No. 1 grant for temporary
research fellowship;
Art. 1 - Subject
A public selection process is established to award 1 (one) research grant within the scope of the
research program called: “Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: models, analysis and control-
theoretic problems” at the Department of Mathematics (hereinafter: the hosting Department) of the
University of Padua under the supervision of Professor Rampazzo Franco, Prof. Bardi Martino,
Prof. Cardin Franco. Principal Investigator of the research project, Prof. Bardi Martino.
The research grant, for a period of 12 (twelve) months and for a gross amount of Euro 21.304,00
per year, is published pursuant to the "Regulations for awarding research grants for self-funded
research programs".
The research grant, funded by Eccellenza CARIPARO, will enable the researcher to perform the
research activity “Problems of current interest within the fields of Nonlinear Optimal control,
Nonlinear PDEs, Calculus of Variations, and applications to Mechanics, to be focused at the
beginning of the activities. Applicants are encouraged to submit a short project with their
Art. 2 – Admission requirements
To participate in the selection the applicant must have a Ph.D. in Mathematics, or be admitted to the
defense of the Ph.D. dissertation, or have a scientific and professional curriculum of at least three
years of research in the field of this program after getting a Bachelor degree in Mathematics.
The applicant must have reached these requisites before the application date, but not earlier than 8
years before the same date. Extensions of this period are possible in some cases.
For degrees obtained abroad, the course must be declared equivalent, solely for selection purposes,
by the Head of the Selection Board.
For selection purposes, documents demonstrating qualifications must be provided in an original or
certified copy - on unstamped paper - or may be self-certified with a substitutive notary deed
declaration accompanied by a photocopy of a valid identity document according to current
legislation (attachment A - forms section).
Applicants are admitted to the selection with reservation. The Head of the procedure may - at any
time - exclude an applicant from the selection procedure for lack of the admission requirements.
The research grant cannot be awarded to contracted staff in the public and private sector, including
part-time and temporary employees.
The research grant cannot be awarded to students enrolled in undergraduate courses, Master
courses, Ph.D. programs with scholarship or medical specialization courses in Italy or abroad, and
implies placement on unpaid leave for employees in service with public administrations.
Participation in selection is not allowed for relatives and kin up to the fourth degree of:
- the teaching staff of the Department which has issued this notice;
- the Rector of the University;
- the Administrative Director of the University;
- members of the Board of Directors of the University.
Permanent employees of universities, research and experimentation institutes or public bodies, the
National Institute for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA),
the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and institutions whose scientific specialization qualifications have
been recognized as equivalent to a Ph.D. pursuant to article 74, fourth paragraph, of Presidential
Decree no. 382 of 11 July 1980, cannot participate in selection.
Art. 3 – Application form
The applicant must send a signed and dated application form, compiled following the enclosed
form, to:
Director of the Department of Mathematics, Via Trieste, 63, 35121 PADOVA
via registered mail with return receipt within 30 days from the date of publication of this notice on
the Official Register of the University; otherwise the applicant will be excluded.
Should the aforementioned deadline fall on a public holiday, the same is postponed to the next
working day.
The application will be deemed submitted within the deadline if sent by registered mail within the
aforementioned deadline (for this purpose, the date of the post office postmark is valid).
The applicant must enclose with the application:
a) a photocopy of a valid identity document: identity card or passport;
b) a dated and signed scientific and professional curriculum;
c) a list of submitted titles and publications, signed on each page;
d) documents, qualifications and publications considered relevant in demonstrating aptitude for
research activities.
e) two letters of references from professors or researchers of Italian or foreign Universities or
Research Institutes
European Union citizens can self-certify all academic and professional qualifications. Publications
can be submitted in original or in copy. Non-EU citizens must enclose a translated and certified
copy of academic qualifications.
Art. 4 – Selection procedure
The selection is carried out by a Board, appointed by the Director of the hosting Department,
composed of three experts in the field of the research, including the Principal Investigator.
The Board will perform a comparative evaluation of all applicants based on the titles, publications,
scientific and professional curriculum and on letters of references from professors or researchers of
Italian or foreign Universities or Research Institutes.
The applicant’s evaluation will result in assignment of points, up to a maximum of 100, according
to the following criteria:
• academic qualifications: up to 30 points (of which 20 for a Ph.D. degree related to the
research field);
• scientific curriculum: up to 20 points
• publications: up to 20 points
• letters of references: up to 30 points.
After evaluation, a ranking of suitable applicants will be published in the Official Register and on
the Website of the University. To be considered suitable, an applicant must get at least 50 points. In
the case of a tie, preference is given to the younger candidate.
The winner of the selection must sign the research grant contract before the deadline communicated
by the hosting Department; otherwise he/she will lose the right to the fellowship in favor of the
second-ranked applicant.
Art. 5 – Subscription of the contract
The research grant is governed by a specific individual contract between the winning applicant and
the hosting Department. The research activity cannot be started before the signature of this contract.
The research grant will be paid in monthly installments in arrears.
The research grant is not an employment and does not give any rights to be hired by the University.
Art. 6 – Incompatibility
The research grant cannot be combined with other scholarships, except those awarded by national
or foreign institutes to supplement research activities of temporary research fellows with
permanence abroad.
The research fellow may not enroll in other University courses at any level, not even in optional
courses without scholarship.
The research fellowship is not compatible with:
a) any kind of employment;
b) professional activity as a self-employed worker;
c) employment with the University of Padua, except occasional collaborations and activities
mentioned in the following article 7.
Art. 7 – Activity of the research fellow
The research fellow will do the tasks defined in the contract under the direction of the Principal
Investigator, who will verify the fellow’s activity. The tasks concern a specific research activity, not
mere technical support.
The research fellow must work full time at the research project, except for teaching activities up to
50 hours per year, provided that these activities do not interfere with the carrying out of the research
activities. The teaching activities can be the following:
• Supplementary and support teaching, workshops, assistance in laboratory; these activities
can be paid and must be recorded in a synthetic log, signed by the fellow and by the course
• Participation in examining boards as an unpaid external expert;
• Tutor, according to the provision of the rules of the University for tutorship.
The above-mentioned activities must be authorized by the Faculty Board at the request of the fellow
and after the authorization of the Principal Investigator.
The fellow may carry out activities in favor of spin-offs pursuant to article 2 of Legislative Decree
297/99, with the approval of the Principal Investigator.
Subject to authorization of the Principal Investigator and of the Director of the hosting Department,
the research fellow may perform sporadic collaboration with external institutions, provided that the
additional activity:
• is compatible with the carrying out of the research project for which he/she is paid;
• is not in conflict of interest with the fellow’s activity or other research projects of the
• does not harm the University.
Art. 8 – Secrecy and intellectual property
All data and information subject to secrecy agreements disclosed to the research fellow for
scientific purposes must be considered reserved by the research fellow, who will keep the secrecy
on such data and information.
Intellectual property rights, including the right to file patent applications, of the results of the
research performed by the fellow are regulated by the regulations of the University for patents.
Art. 9 – Taxes, social security and insurance
Regarding income tax, the research grant is subject to the provisions of article 4 of Law no. 476 of
August 13, 1984 as well as, regarding social security, to those referred to in article 2, paragraphs 26
and following of Law no. 335 of August 8, 1995 and subsequent amendments, regarding
compulsory maternity leave, to the provisions of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Decree
of July 12, 2007, published in the Official Gazette no. 247 of October 23, 2007 and, regarding sick
leave, to article 1, paragraph 788, of Law no. 296 of December 27, 2006 and subsequent
amendments. During a period of compulsory maternity leave, the benefits paid by INPS under
article 5 of the aforementioned Decree of July 12, 2007 are supplemented by the University up to
the full amount of the research grant.
The University will take care of personal accident insurance and third-party liability insurance for
the research fellow on the conditions provided by the standard policy of the University of Padua.
Art. 10 – Evaluation of the fellow’s activity
For a research grant longer than 12 months, after each year the fellow must submit a report to the
Director of the hosting Department to illustrate the activities carried out and the results obtained.
These reports, accompanied by the opinion of the Principal Investigator, will be evaluated by the
Department Board. In case of negative evaluation, the research grant contract can be terminated by
the University, without further notice.
At the conclusion of the research grant, the fellow must submit a final report to the Director of the
hosting Department to illustrate the activities carried out and the results obtained. This report,
accompanied by the opinion of the Principal Investigator and of the Director of the hosting
Department, must be sent to the Research Office of the Central Administration of the University and
will be evaluated by the Board of the Scientific Area.
Art. 11 – Safeguard clauses
For that which is not stated in this notice, please refer to Law No. 240/2010, D.M. of February 11,
1998 and the current regulations of the University of Padua for the awarding of research grants.
Pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196 of 2003 and subsequent amendments and supplements,
personal data provided by the candidate are processed exclusively in order to manage this selection
and the subsequent contract with the research fellow.
To settle any claims, the Italian version of this notice is legally valid.
Padua, 11.07.2012
The Director of the Department of Mathematics
Prof. Bruno Viscolani

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