Workshop on Iterative Voting and Voting Games

23-24 January 2014 - Meeting Room VII Floor, Department of Mathematics


Workshop on Iterative Voting and Voting Games

23-24 January
Università di Padova

Classical studies of strategic voting have mostly focused on a single agent acting in conditions of perfect information. This approach has moved in recent years towards a study of manipulation as a repeated process or with the use of game-theoretical notions. The aim of this workshop is to foster collaboration among researchers on these topics (supported by COST action IC1205 on Computational Social Choice).

The program of the workshop is available at the following webpage:

Participation is open to everybody, however for logistic reasons we would like you to signal your presence by sending an email to (ideally one week before the workshop).

The local organisers
Francesca Rossi, Umberto Grandi, Cristina Cornelio, Andrea Loreggia

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