Seminario: Some principles weaker than Markov's principle

Giovedì 25 Giugno 2015, ore 17:00 - Aula 2AB45 - Hajime Ishihara



Giovedì 25 Giugno 2015 alle ore 17:00 in Aula 2AB45, Hajime Ishihara (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) terrà un seminario dal titolo "Some principles weaker than Markov's principle".

We systematically study several principles and give a principle which is weaker than disjunctive Markov's principle MP^or.
We also show that the principle is underivable and strictly weaker than MP^or in certain extensions of the system EL of elementary analysis.
Joint work with Makoto Fujiwara and Takako Nemoto.

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