A mathematical Alice in the wonderland of Biological Rythms


Si annuncia il seminario nell'area BIOMATEMATICA Lunedi 28/1 ore 12.00-13.00, Sala Riunioni al VII piano della Torre Archimede, da parte del Dr. Alberto D'ONOFRIO, dell'European Institute of Oncology, Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Milano.

A mathematical Alice in the wonderland of Biological Rythms

In this talk we shall do a mathematical-physical-biochemical tour in the very artistic world of the biological rythms that are ubiquitary at all biological levels, from the intracellular to the macro-population one. Focusing on some relevant examples (such as cell cycle, circadian rythms, ecological oscillations and others) we shall show how mathematics is not so difficult and strange as it loves to appear, and that sometimes it may even be useful. Symmetrically, mathematicians may discover that Biology is a source of many problems that are interesting from the pure
mathematical point of view.

Rif. int. L. Beghi

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