Papers and preprints by Maurizio Candilera

Here are listed some published papers or preprints, avalaible as dvi or postscript files.
Geometric aspects of the complex Heisenberg group, joint work with Valentino Cristante, published on Bollettino UMI (7) 10-B, 595-623. In this paper we study Heat Equation on Siegel upper half-space and its relations with a representation of the complex Heisenberg group, explaining the role of theta functions in this setting.
( dvi version 109Kb) ( Postscript version 248Kb)
Vettori di Witt ed anelli di Fontaine, lectures note of a short course given at the Mathematical Department of Padova about the construction of Fontaine rings Bdr etc. starting from Witt bivectors. Written in Italian, it was published as internal report.
( dvi version 235Kb) ( Postscript version 454Kb)
A note about p-adic logarithm This paper contains the construction of the ring BivR over a general local field K and this ring is compared with Fontaine rings. In an appendix it is proved that the elements of BivR which are invariants under Frobenius action are exactly the elements of the p-adic field Qp. Unpublished.
( dvi version 86Kb) ( Postscript version 200Kb)
Monodromy of logarithmic Barsotti-Tate groups attached to 1-motives This joint paper with Alessandra Bertapelle and Valentino Cristante deals with Barsotti-Tate ($p$-divisible) groups of 1-motives over a complete discrete valuation ring with perfect residue field of positive characteristic $p$. It answers to a question of extending such groups on the quotient field to analogous groups over the valuation ring.
( pdf version 302Kb)

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