Journal papers

[J1] Ding Ding, Liu Fangai and Li Qianqian.
An Improved Clustering Algorithm Based on Backup Path.
In Advances in information Sciences and Service Sciences, 4(8):207-216, 2012.

Conference and Workshop papers

[C4] Ding Ding, Mauro Conti, Agusti Solanas.
A Smart Health Application and its Related Privacy Issues.
In Proceedings of the 2016 Smart City Security and Privacy Workshop
(IEEE CPS Week workshop: SCSP-W 2016), Vienna, Austria, April 11, 2016.

[C3] Qianqian Li, Ding Ding, Mauro Conti.
Brain-Computer Interface Applications: Security and Privacy Challenges
1st Workshop on Security and Privacy in Cybermatics (SPiCy 2015).
In Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security
(CNS 2015), Florence, Italy, September 30, 2015.

[C2] Ding Ding, Mauro Conti, Renato Figueiredo.
Impact of Country-scale Internet Disconnection on Structured and Social P2P Overlays.
In Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks
(IEEE WoWMoM 2015), in press, Boston, MA, USA, June 14-17, 2015.

(acceptance rate 21.00 %)

[C1] Peng L, Hong L, Wenlu Y, Ding D.
A method based on Fa for herding dynamic automatic aggregation path-planning
The 2nd International Conference on Control, Instrumentation and Automation
(IEEE CCIA 2011), pages 451-455, Shiraz, Iran, December 27-29, 2011


[T1] Ding Ding.
Research on Optimizing Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks
Master Thesis - Shandong Normal University (China), June 2013.