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The Dwork Trimester in Italy

May--July 2001

Tentative Schedule for the Conferences

Date Organizers Site Speakers Topic
Sunday -- Saturday
20/5/2001--26/5/2001 Scientific Committee and Organizing Committee  Padova   Preliminary organization of activities and informal exchanges
27/5/2001--2/6/2001 A. Adolphson,  F. Baldassarri  Padova A. Adolphson,  F. Baldassarri,  P. Berthelot ;  C. Sabbah,  P. Schapira,  S. Sperber De Rham, Crystalline and Dwork Cohomology for algebraic (logarithmic) varieties over a field of characteristic 0
(Lectures from 4/6/2001 to 8/6/2001)
M. Bertolini Varenna V. Berkovich, J.-F. Boutot, R. Coleman, P. Colmez, H. Darmon, H. Hida, B. Mazur, B. Perrin-Riou, P. Schneider, H.P.F. Swinnerton-Dyer, J. Tilouine p-adic Modular Forms; p-adic L-functions; p-adic Integration
10/6/2001--16/6/2001 P. Berthelot, B. Chiarellotto Padova L. Berger, B. Chiarellotto, R. Crew, J.-Y. Ètesse, K. Kedlaya, M. Kisin, B. Le Stum, S. Matsuda, N. Tsuzuki, N. Wach   Rigid Cohomology and Isocrystals
17/6/2001--23/6/2001       No Activity
24/6/2001--30/6/2001 P. Berthelot, B. Chiarellotto Padova Y. André,E. Goren, C. Huyghe, M. Emerton, L. Illusie, M. Kisin, I. Vidal, D. Wan  Unit Root F-Crystals and Étale representations 
1/7/2001--7/7/2001 Scientific Committee  Bressanone A. Adolphson,   Y. Andrè, V. Berkovich,  P. Berthelot,  J.-B. Bost, G. Christol,   L. Di Vizio,  M. Emerton,   N. Katz,  M. Kisin,  F. Loeser,  W. Messing,   A. Ogus, C. Sabbah,   S. Sperber,   J. Tate,  T. Terasoma,   D. Wan   Geometric Aspects of Dwork's Theory

The detailed schedule for the first week of the conference is now available as a Web page.

The schedule for the second week (the Varenna sessions of the Dwork Trimester in Italy) are now available as a Web page.

The schedule for the third week dedicated to rigid cohomology and isocrystals is also available as a Web page.

The schedule for the week of June 25 to June 29 in which Dwork's Conjecture and the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence for unit F-crystals will be discussed, is now available as a Web page.

The conference schedule for the Bressanone sessions is now available as a Web page.

For further information consult the updatings of this page, or write to dwork01@math.unipd.it

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