Work in progress

  • Comparison of two capacities on algebraic varieties and convergence of plurisubharmonic extremal function(abstract)
  • A spectral method for an evolution system leading to optimal transport(abstract)

Under Review

  • Laplace Beltrami operator in the Baran metric and pluripotential equilibrium measure: the ball, the simplex and the sphere. Submitted to CMFT (abstract) (draft)
  • The extremal plurisubharmonic function of the torus. Submitted to DRNA special issue in honor of N. Levenberg 60th birthday. (draft)

To Appear

  • Markov inequalities, Dubiner distance, norming meshes and polynomial optimization on convex bodies with M. Vianello. Optimization Online, to appear. (draft)


  • Pluripotential Numerics (preprint) accepted by Constr. Approx. 06/2018
  • Caratheodory-Tchakaloff Subsampling with A. Sommariva and M. Vianello (draft) Dolomites Res. Notes Approx. DRNA 10 (2017), 5--14
  • Caratheodory-Tchakaloff Least Squares preprint
    Sampling Theory and Applications 2017, IEEE Xplore Digital Library
    with A. Sommariva and M. Vianello
  • A weighted extremal function and equilibrium measure
    Math. Scand.,Vol 121, No 2 (2017). (preprint)
    with L. P. Bos, N. Levenberg and S. Ma'u.
  • A note on total degree polynomial optimization by Chebyshev grids Optim. Lett. 12 (2018), 63--71 with M. Vianello ()
  • Stability inequalities for Lebesgue constants via Markov-like inequalities with M. Vianello ( Dolomites Res. Notes Approx. DRNA 11 (2018), 1--9 )
  • Some results on the rational Bernstein Markov property in the complex plane (preprint)
    Computational Methods and Function Theory DOI: 10.1007/s40315-017-0194-2
  • Jacobi norming meshes (pdf)
    with M. Vianello
    Math. Inequal. Appl. 19 (2016), 1089--1095
  • Optimal Polynomial Admissible Meshes on Some Classes of Compact Subsets of R^d (pdf)
    Journal on Approximation Theory Volume 207, July 2016, Pages 241–264
  • An orthogonality property of Legendre polynomials (preprint)
    with L. P. Bos, A. Narayan and N. Levenberg
    Constr. Approx., published online 04 January 2016.
  • Polynomial Meshes: Computation and Approximation (preprint)
    with S. De Marchi, A. Sommariva and M. Vianello
    Proceedings of CMMSE 2015, 414--425
  • Bernstein Markov: a survey. (preprint)
    with T. Bloom, N. Levenberg and F. Wielonsky
    Dolomites Res. Notes Approx. DRNA 8 (2015), 75--91
  • Sub-optimal polynomial meshes on planar Lipschitz domains (preprint)
    with M. Vianello
    Numer. Funct. Anal. Optim. 35 (2014)
  • Constructing optimal polynomial meshes on planar starlike domains (preprint)
    with M. Vianello
    Dolomites Res. Notes Approx. DRNA 7 (2015)
  • Small perturbations of polynomial meshes (preprint)
    with M. Vianello
    Appl. Anal. 92 (2013), 1063--1073
  • Analytic transformations of admissible meshes (preprint)
    with M. Vianello
    East J. Approx. 16 (2010), 313--322