Visa Information

The Visa process is very simple. You should apply for Visa to the Embassy/Consulate office of ITALY in your country, or if possible you can also apply through an office of VFS Global in your region. For obtaining student visa following documents^ are required:
  1. Duly filled Visa applicaiton form^
  2. Passport
  3. Passport size photos (only matte-finish photo, with preferred specification^)
  4. Admission letter*
  5. Scholarship letter*
  6. Pre-enrollment procedure
  7. Declaration Of Value (procedure explained here)
  8. Accommodation Proof**
  9. Travel health insurance
  10. Travel tickets (one-way for long-term study, otherwise round trip)
  11. Cover letter
^ Information for North-Indian students. Such students can find a detailed information here. One can find the same for their country/region as well.
* Ask your college/university through university co-coordinator or International affairs office, preferably in both languages (English & Italian).
** In case one's scholarship does not cover accommodation or applicant has not won a scholarship then make necessary arrangements.