[20 oct 2017] - Lectures compact surfaces. In the spring of 2018 I teach a course on complex compact surfaces. This course is intended for advanced master students and PhD students.

[2 oct 2017] - Lectures Commutative Algebra. Site with information on this course.

[23 jun 2017] - Visit. I will visit the Jagiellonian University in Cracow from June 26 through June 30 and give a talk on Monday June 26 (details).

[7 jun 2017] - Preprint. A new preprint on zeta functions of monomial deformations of Delsarte hypersurfaces. This generalizes results from this preprint by C.F. Doran, T.L. Kelly, A. Salerno, S. Sperber, J. Voight, U. Whitcher.

[28 mar 2017] - Seminario di Geometria Algebrica e Teoria dei Numeri. On April 5, Andreas Knutsen will give a talk on Brill-Noether theory of curves on abelian surfaces in our seminar.

[25 oct 2016] - Talks. This fall I will give talks in Cracow, Berlin, Poitiers and Gothenburg.

[21 sep 2016] - Corso Superficie di Riemann. Sito con informazione sul corso.

[30 jun 2016] - Seminario di Geometria Algebrica e Teoria dei Numeri. This fall seminar talks by Nero Budur, Christian Liedtke, Marco Franciosi and Francesco Polizzi.

[1 mar 2016] - Old files The files conerning the workshop on elliptic and K3 surfaces I organised are here.

[1 mar 2016] - New job. I moved to the Università degli Studi di Padova.