CAA: Padova-Verona research group on
"Constructive Approximation and Applications"

We have been collaborating since 2005 in the field of Constructive Approximation and Applications in the broad sense, with a special interest in the study and implementation of effective approximation algorithms, and in the production of reliable numerical software.

Current topics:

Here are the people belonging to the CAA research group (our average Erdos number: 2.8)

Len Bos (Verona)     Marco Caliari (Verona)    

Stefano De Marchi (Padova)     Alvise Sommariva (Padova)     Marco Vianello (Padova)

Ph.D. students and post-docs:
Gaspare Da Fies (Aberystwyth)    Federico Piazzon (Padova)

Davide Poggiali (Padova)      Gabriele Santin (Padova, post-doc at Stuttgart)

Past and present graduate collaborators:
Anna Bassi, Claudia Bittante, Matteo Briani, Giacomo Elefante, Mattia Festa, Mariano Gentile,
Andrea Idda, Martina Marchioro, Roberto Montagna, Mariangela Narduzzo, Valeria Piciocchi,
Alessandro Punzi, Amos Sironi, Martina Zaccaron

see also the CAA Student Seminar

Contacts:    Stefano De Marchi       Marco Vianello

Local/national collaboration and projects with the groups coordinated by:

D. Cecchin (Diagnostic imaging, Padova), F. Dell'Accio (Maths, Cosenza), A. De Rossi (Maths, Torino),
P. Gallo (Neurology, Padova), A. Laforgia (Maths, Roma 3)

Other local collaborations:

Angeles Martinez (research assistant, Padova)

International contacts and collaborations:

Kendall Atkinson (Iowa City)     Leokadia Bialas-Ciez (Krakow)     Jean-Paul Calvi (Toulouse)    

Annie Cuyt (Antwerp)     Carl de Boor (Madison)     Wolfgang Erb (Luebeck)    

Greg Fasshauer (IIT Chicago)     Mahadevan Ganesh (Golden)     Walter Gautschi (Purdue)    

Kai Hormann (Lugano)     Armin Iske (Hamburg)     Paul Leopardi (Canberra)    

Norm Levenberg (Bloomington)     Gerard Meurant (Paris)     Alexander Ostermann (Innsbruck)    

Leszek Plaskota (Warsaw)     Wieslaw Plesniak (Krakow)     Francesca Rapetti (Nice)    

Robert Schaback (Göttingen)     Ian Sloan (UNSW Sydney)     Shayne Waldron (Auckland)    

Holger Wendland (Bayreuth)     Grady Wright (Boise)     Yuan Xu (Eugene)