Massimo Marchiori

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Innovation, information, innovation, information....


Best paper award at the IEEE Cyber Science and Technology Congress, for the paper "The Team Brain: Soccer Analysis and Battles of Minds".

Invited talk on fake news at the European Parliament.

Launched the award-winning Negapedia website, the negative side of Wikipedia.
Explore our society via the hidden side of Wikipedia, where people fight to shape information.

Best paper award at the IEEE International Conference on Cloud and Big Data Computing, for the paper "Little Big Data: Shaping Minds for the Cloud".

First components of the EU strategic REISearch project started to being unraveled to public (policy making, first test focus on chronic diseases)!
See for instance international press coverage from Elsevier, the European Commission, Euroscience, The Irish Times, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Der Standard, Mendeley, El Pais, Sole 24 Ore, La Libre.
The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said:
"Science should be open and freed from its traditional ivory tower to be discussed, submitted to critique and fed with new perspectives. That's why I warmly welcome efforts such as the REIsearch initiative to get Europeans engaged in the debate about science and research and inspire fresh ideas about how to solve some of our society's most pressing problems."

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