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Typology: Faculty
Room: 528, Docente
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Telephone: 049 827 1488
Qualification: Professore Ordinario
Research Area: INF/01, Informatica
Specific Research Area: My research interest is in security and privacy for wireless mobile devices; computer system security; computer forensics; access control; distributed and networked systems.
For more information, please visit my research page and my publications page.
Topics for Theses: I am always enthusiastic to supervise motivated students committed to work, and to collaborate with them in doing quality research, within my research area or related ones (e.g., networking).
You can find some information on my past and current students and their projects on my students page.
If you are interested in supervision and collaboration, please drop me an e-mail to discuss the topic. Thanks.
Notes: Please visit the web page or my research group for more info: SPRITZ Security and Privacy Research Group.

Research Areas

Research Topics

  • Wireless networks, mobile applications, online games, multimedia on the Web, privacy and security