Global quantisation of pseudo-differential operators on Lie groups

Giovedi' 9 Febbraio 2012 - Veronique Fischer


Giovedi' 9 Febbraio 2012 alle ore 11.00 in Aula U. Richard (III piano, Torre Archimede) la dott.ssa Veronique Fischer (Imperial College e Università di Padova) terra' una conferenza dal titolo "Global quantisation of pseudo-differential operators on Lie groups".

Pseudo-differential operators (PDO's) are primarily defined in the familiar setting of the Euclidean space. For four decades, they have been standard tools in the study of PDE's and it is natural to attempt defining PDO's in other settings. In this talk, after discussing the concept of PDO's on the Euclidean space and on the torus, I will present some recent results and outline future work regarding PDO's on Lie groups as well as some of the applications to PDE's.
This will be a joint work with Michael Ruzhansky (Imperial College London).

Rif. int. P. Ciatti