Mathematical Methods in Medical Image Reconstruction

Wednesday 21 March 2012 - Armin Iske


Prof. Armin Iske, of the Department of Mathematics of the University of Hamburg (Germany), on Wednesday 21st March, 2012 at 15.30, room 1BC45 will give a talk on "Mathematical Methods in Medical Image Reconstruction".

This talk addresses both theoretical and computational aspects of medical image reconstruction, where special emphasis is placed on computerized tomography (CT). To this end, the Radon transformation and back projection are first introduced, before the central slice theorem and the filtered back projection formula are discussed. This is followed by a more comprehensive discussion concerning the discretization and implementation of the filtered back projection formula, where relevant methods from numerical analysis are explained. If time allows, more recent concepts for algebraic reconstruction techniques are then introduced as competitive alternatives to Fourier-based methods.

Rif. int. S. De Marchi

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