Verbal subgroups in finite and profinite groups

Lunedi' 8 Ottobre 2012 - Cristina Acciarri


Lunedi' 8 Ottobre 2012 alle ore 14.30 in aula 2BC30 la dott.ssa Cristina Acciarri (University of Brasilia) terra' un seminario dal titolo "Verbal subgroups in finite and profinite groups".

For a family of group words w we show that if G is a profinite group in which all w-values are contained in a union of finitely many subgroups with a prescribed property, then the verbal subgroup w(G) has the same property as well. Moreover we show that sometimes the assumption that the subgroups are countably many is good enough to deduce properties for w(G). The results discussed in the talk are all instances of how certain restrictions imposed on the set of w-values in G can influence the structure of the whole verbal subgroup. This is a joint work with Pavel Shumyatsky.

Rif. int. E.M. Detomi