DAGA Seminar: On the Picard Number of Singular Fano Varieties

Giovedi' 22 Novembre 2012 - Gloria Della Noce


Gloria Della Noce (Pavia)
"On the Picard Number of Singular Fano Varieties"
Thursday, November 22, 2012, h.14:00, room SRVII

Fano varieties constitute a special class of varieties which
plays a fundamental role in some branches of algebraic geometry. In the
last decades, some classification results were achieved in particular
cases. In the remaining cases, it is clear the importance of studying
their geometrical invariants; one the most important is the Picard
In this talk I will discuss some risults on the Picard number of
singular Fano varieties obtained generalizing a construction of C.
Casagrande for the smooth case.

Rif. int. A. Bertapelle