Reasoning about Multiagent Resource Allocation in Substructural Logics

Friday, February 22, 2013 - Daniele Porello


Friday 22 February, at 15:00 in room 1BC45, Department of Mathematics, Padova, Daniele Porello from the Laboratory for Applied Ontology in Trento (Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology and Italian National Research Council) will speak on "Reasoning about Multiagent Resource Allocation in Substructural Logics"

In this paper, we present a logical treatment of multiagent resource allocation (MARA) that uses proof-theoretical insights provided by substructural logics. We see how to define languages to express agents' preferences over various types of goods (lists, multisets, sets) and we interpret the problem of finding optimal allocations as proof-search. We apply this approach for two well known paradigms in MARA, combinatorial auctions and multilateral negotiation. This presentation builds on two joint papers with Ulle Endriss, ECAI 2010 and KR 2010.

Rif. int. U. Grandi