Seminario: Uncertainty and incomplete knowledge in Bayesian networks using subjective logic

Monday 25 March 2013 h. 10:30 - Room 2AB45 - Audun Josang


Monday 25 March 2013 h. 10:30, room 2AB45

"Uncertainty and incomplete knowledge in Bayesian networks using subjective logic"

Prof. Audun Josang (University of Oslo)

It is problematic to analyse traditional Bayesian network models where the input arguments have unknown probability values, because the analyst can be tempted to invent input values simply to make the model operational. This problem can be solved by expressing input arguments with degrees of uncertainty using subjective logic. As a result, Bayesian networks models based on subjective logic can be analysed even when input arguments are unknown or partially uncertain.

Audun Jøsang is considered one of the leading international experts in the rapidly growing area of trust and reputation systems, and received the 2012 IFIP William Winsborough Commemorative Award for computational trust management. Prof. Jøsang is also the inventor of subjective logic which is being applied worldwide by industry and academic research.
Prof. Jøsang is Professor of Information Security at the University of Oslo, and Adjunct Professor at QUT in Australia. He holds an MSc in Information Security from Royal Holloway College, London and a PhD from NTNU in Norway. He teaches several undergraduate and postgraduate courses in IT security, and supervises numerous Masters and PhD students in Norway and Australia.

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