Seminario di Informatica: Extreme Apprenticeship, a new way of teaching CS?

Mercoledì 18 Settembre 2013, ore 11:30 - Aula 2BC30 - Gabriella Dodero


Mercoledì 18 Settembre 2013 alle ore 11:30 in aula 2BC30 della Torre Archimede, Gabriella Dodero (Libera Universita di Bolzano) terrà un seminario dal titolo "Extreme Apprenticeship, a new way of teaching CS?".

Extreme Apprenticeship (XA) is a new methodology for teaching Computer Science, recently developed and being actively practised at the University of Helsinki.
Papers about XA have been published, stressing the improvements over traditional lecture-based format of teaching, which can be gained with XA when teaching introductory programming courses. The XA methodology is based on Cognitive Apprenticeship, that is, a task is learned by apprentices looking at the master who is performing it, and then repeating a task under master´s guidance.
The seminar shall illustrate the basic principles and the main practices which have been adopted so far at the Universities of Helsinki and Bolzano, within introductory programming courses, and within Operating Systems lab respectively.
Organizational practices at both universities, including considerations on costs and scalability to hundreds of students, and possible support obtainable from learning management systems, shall be illustrated.

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