Seminario di Informatica: Electoral equilibria under scoring rules

Mercoledì 9 Ottobre 2013, ore 16:00 - Aula 1BC50 - Arkadii Slinko



Mercoledì 9 Ottobre 2013 alle ore 16:00 in aula 1BC50 della Torre Archimede, Arkadii Slinko (University of Auckland) terrà un seminario dal titolo "Electoral equilibria under scoring rules".

We use Hotelling's spatial model of competition to investigate the position-taking behaviour of political candidates under a class of electoral systems known as scoring rules. In a scoring rule election, voters rank all the candidates running for office, following which the candidates are assigned points according to a vector of nonincreasing scores. Convergent Nash equilibria in which all candidates adopt the same policy were characterised by Cox cite{cox1}. Here, we investigate nonconvergent equilibria, where candidates adopt divergent policies. We identify a number of classes of scoring rules exhibiting a range of different equilibrium properties. For some of these, nonconvergent equilibria do not exist. For others, nonconvergent equilibria in which candidates cluster at positions spread across the issue space are observed. In particular, we prove that the class of convex rules does not have Nash equilibria (convergent or nonconvergent) with the exception of some derivatives of Borda rule. Finally, we examine the special cases of four-, five- and six- candidate elections. In the former two cases, we provide a complete characterisation of nonconvergent equilibria.

This is a joint work with Dodge Cahan (UCSD) and John-McCabe Dansted (Univ. of Western Australia)

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