Seminario: Double centralizers of unipotent elements in simple algebraic groups

Giovedì 31 Ottobre 2013, ore 14:30, Sala Riunioni settimo piano - Iulian Simion


Giovedì 31 Ottobre 2013 alle ore 14:30 in Sala Riunioni al settimo piano il Dott. Iulian Simion (Kaiserslautern) terrà un seminario dal titolo "Double centralizers of unipotent elements in simple algebraic groups".

In the first part of the talk we start out with questions and examples which motivate our interest in abelian overgroups for unipotent elements u. In good characteristic, the double centralizer of u is a canonical choice for such an overgroup and we will present the main results which describe its structure and properties in the case of simple algebraic groups G.
In the second part we describe a method for concretely determining these groups when the rank of G and the characteristic are small enough. We will emphasize the case of exceptional groups in bad characteristic.

Rif. Int. G. Carnovale