Seminario di Informatica: Opportunistic Data Gathering and Dissemination in Urban Scenarios

Venerdì 28 Febbraio 2014, ore 14:30 - Aula 1BC45 - Armir Bujari



Venerdì 28 Febbraio 2014 alle ore 14:30 in aula 1BC45, Armir Bujari (Universita di Padova) terrà un seminario dal titolo "Opportunistic Data Gathering and Dissemination in Urban Scenarios".

Only a decade ago, digital information was mainly confined to electrical wires while today we are immersed in a digital fountain and information is being produced everywhere around us. As of current practice, we rely on infrastructure acting as an intermediary, providing access to the data. However, infrastructure-based connectivity might not always be available or the best alternative. Moreover, it is often the case where the data and the processes acting upon them are of local scopus. As an alternative, ad hoc networking could be employed as an enabler which can factually support an infrastructure-less, provider-less communication platform encompassing the above requirements. In this context, the speaker will present his research activity discussing some novel data gathering and dissemination strategies tailored to the characteristics of mobile disruptive networks.

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