Colloquia Patavina: The challenge of complexity in numerical simulations

Martedì 25 Marzo 2014, ore 16:00 - Aule 1A150, 1C150



Martedì 25 Marzo 2014 alle ore 16:00 in Aula 1A150 (main room) ed in Aula 1C150 (videoconferenza), Alfio Quarteroni ( terrà una conferenza della serie Colloquia Patavina dal titolo "The challenge of complexity in numerical simulations".

The numerical solution of complex physical problems requires appropriate mathematical models and accurate numerical methods. Often the numerical problem is so large that devising computational reduction techniques, and developing efficient parallel algorithms by exploiting a dimensional reduction paradigm, becomes necessary. This presentation will address some of these issues and a few representative applications such as geodynamics, sports design and medicine, with a special focus on the complex interactions governing blood motion and artery wall deformation, and the interplay between electrical, mechanical and fluid-dynamical processes occurring in the heart.
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La Commissione Colloquia
F. Ancona, C. Bonotto, M. Conti

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