Seminario di Informatica: The Process of Process Modeling

Giovedì 8 Maggio 2014, ore 12:00 - Aula 1BC45 - Barbara Weber



Giovedì 8 Maggio 2014 alle ore 12:00, in aula 1BC45, Barbara Weber (Università di Innsbruck) terrà un seminario dal titolo "The Process of Process Modeling".

Business process models have gained significant importance due to their critical role for managing business processes. Still, process models display a wide range of quality problems. For example, literature reports on error rates between 10% and 20% in industrial process model collections. Most research in the context of quality issues in process models puts a strong emphasis on the product or outcome of the process modeling act (i.e., the resulting process models), while the process followed for creating process models is only considered to a limited extent. The creation of process models involves the elicitation of requirements from the domain as well as the formalization of these requirements as process models. In this presentation the focus will be on the formalization of process models, which can be considered a process by itself -- the process of process modeling (PPM). In particular, this presentation will shed light on the way how process models are created and present different behavioral patterns that can be observed, discuss factors that influence the PPM, e.g., modeler-specific factors like domain knowledge or process modeling competence and task-specific factors. Moreover, it will present a specialized modeling environment, which logs all interactions of the process modeler with the modeling environment, thus, providing the infrastructure to investigate the PPM. In addition, the presentation discusses how methods like eye movement analysis, think aloud, or the analysis of bio-feedback (e.g., pulse or heart rate) might enable even
deeper insights into the PPM.

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