Seminario: Spherical Orthogonal Polynomials

Venerdì 5 Settembre 2014, ore 11:30 - NumLab - Irem Yaman



Venerdì 5 Settembre 2014, dalle ore 11:30 alle ore 12:30, presso il NumLab, la Prof. Irem Yaman (Gebze Institute of Technology, Istanbul), nell'ambito del progetto Erasmus, terrà un seminario dal titolo "Spherical Orthogonal Polynomials"

Zeros of orthogonal polynomials are widely used as interpolation nodes and as numerical integration nodes in the literature. Their success in minimising the error of interpolation over the interval and maximise the degree of precision in numerical integration is well-known and fully revealed in the univariate case. However, in the multivariate case much less is known.
We introduce a uniform definition for orthogonal polynomials in any dimension, for any centrally symmetric region and investigate the connection between the zero curves of these polynomials and good interpolation nodes on the one hand, the zero curves and good cubature rules on the other hand.