Seminario: Cubature formulas revised

Lunedì 15 Settembre 2014, ore 11:30 - NumLab - Irem Yaman



Lunedì 15 Settembre 2014, dalle ore 11:30 alle ore 13:30, presso il NumLab, la Prof. Irem Yaman (Gebze Institute of Technology, Istanbul), nell'ambito del progetto Erasmus, terrà un seminario dal titolo "Cubature formulas revised"

High-dimensional integration rules have received a lot of attention in a whole series of paper. The connection with multivariate orthogonal polynomials is usually present. Different constructions lead to a myriad of formulae on several domains.
We present a unifying theory, including several of the existing minimal Gaussian cubature rules, departing from the rather recent concept of spherical orthogonality. Use of the newly defined multivariate orthogonal functions, which are spherical orthogonal polynomials, leads to a structured set of Prony-structured equations from which the nodes and weights of certain minimal cubature formulae can be computed.