Seminar: A Logic for Knowledge Representation and Problem Solving

Friday October 24, 2014, h 14:30 - Room 2AB40 - David Pearce



On Friday October 24, 2014, at 14:30, room 2AB40, David Pearce (Department of Artificial Intelligence, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), will give a seminar on "A Logic for Knowledge Representation and Problem Solving"

'Here-and-there' is a nonclassical logic that captures a concept of truth-by-default. It was first presented more than 80 years ago by A. Heyting, but its potential for applications in Logic Programming and Artificial Intelligence have only been explored in recent years. In this talk I will introduce the logic of here-and-there and show how it serves as a foundation for the paradigm of answer set programming (ASP). I will go on to mention some extensions of this logic that have been developed to capture different forms of reasoning, e.g. about time, knowledge and belief, ontologies, preferences and actions.

Short bio
David Pearce studied at the Universities of Sussex (D Phil) and Oxford and obtained his Habilitation at the Free University Berlin. He has been a Heisenberg Research Fellow at the FU Berlin, a Senior Researcher at the German AI Research Centre (DFKI) and a Ramón y Cajal Research Fellow at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. He is currently an I3 professor at the UPM. He has worked on the logical reconstruction of scientific knowledge, inter-theoretic relations, and nonclassical logics for AI, in particular developing the system of equilibrium logic in the mid-1990s. He has been coordinator of the European Network for Computational Logic (1994-2000) and the European Network for Social Intelligence (since 2011); and was recently elected an ECCAI Fellow.