Seminario di Informatica: Security and Privacy in Molecular Communications and Nanonetworks

Venerdì 31 Ottobre 2014, ore 9:30 - Aula 2BC30 - Alberto Giaretta



Venerdì 31 Ottobre 2014 alle ore 9:30, in aula 2BC30, Alberto Giaretta (MSc student in Computer Science - Università di Padova) terrà un seminario dal titolo "Security and Privacy in Molecular Communications and Nanonetworks".

Nanotechnology might be the silver bullet in the future of several sectors such as the biomedical and military ones. Molecular Communication paradigm has some distinct characteristics from traditional communication paradigm and these differences are of primary importance in order to achieve reliable and efficient nanonetworks. Being a different communication paradigm, Molecular Communication raises open issues about security and data privacy that are not easily solvable with standard approaches. In this context, this presentation will give an overview about: Nanonetworks, Molecular Communication paradigm, and their security issues.

The content of this presentation is based on the following papers:
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