Seminario di Informatica: Staying Alive: System Design for Self-Sufficient Sensor Networks

Martedì 4 Novembre 2014, ore 11:30 - Aula 1BC50 - Michele Rossi



Martedì 4 Novembre 2014 alle ore 11:30 in aula 1BC50, Michele Rossi (DEI - Università degli Studi di Padova) terrà un seminario dal titolo "Staying Alive: System Design for Self-Sufficient Sensor Networks".

Self-sustainability is a crucial step for modern wireless sensor networks (WSN). In this talk, I will offer an original mathematical framework for autonomous WSN powered by renewable energy sources. At first, the problem at stake will be decomposed into two nested optimization steps: the inner step characterizes the optimal network operating point subject to an average energy consumption constraint, while the outer step provides online energy management policies that make the system energetically self-sufficient in the presence of intermittent (Markov-modulated) energy sources. This framework sheds new light into the design of pragmatic schemes for the control of energy harvesting sensor networks and permits to gauge the impact of key sensor network parameters, such as the battery capacity, the harvester size, the information transmission rate and the radio duty cycle. The obtained (online) energy management policies are finally evaluated considering real solar radiation traces, validating them against state of the art solutions and describing the impact of relevant design choices in terms of achievable network throughput and battery level dynamics.

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