Seminario: On supergroups and Lie superalgebras

Mercoledì 13 Maggio 2015, ore 14:00 - Aula 2AB40 - Fabio Gavarini



Mercoledì 13 Maggio 2015 alle ore 14:00 in Aula 2AB40, Fabio Gavarini (Roma Tor Vergata) terrà una conferenza dal titolo "On supergroups and Lie superalgebras"

In this talk I shall give a gentle introduction to the theory of supergroups, mainly insisting on the algebro-geometrical approach (with only a quick a glance to the real differential or complex analytic point of view).
I shall then pass to the infinitesimal counterpart of supergroups, namely Lie superalgebras.
An alternative approach to supergroups can be given in terms of "super Harish-Chandra (=H-C) pairs". There is a natural functor from supergroups to super H-C pairs, and a key fact is that there exists a quasi-inverse to this functor: such a brand-new quasi-inverse (due to myself) will be presented.