Seminario di Informatica: Bitcoin Forensics - Where are my coins?

Martedì 26 Maggio 2015, ore 17:30 - Aula 2BC30 - Matteo Brunati



Martedì 26 Maggio 2015 alle ore 17:30 in Aula 2BC30, Matteo Brunati (CyBrain srl) terrà un seminario dal titolo "Bitcoin Forensics - Where are my coins?"

Bitcoin is a technology and a social phenomenon which raised lots of public interest after the seizure of Silkroad website since winter 2013/2014. Even though the public interest seems diminished during 2015, analyzing the Bitcoin network we see that transactions numbers and volumes actually increased since last year, thus confirming the thesis of many Police Forces worldwide which see a usage increase of this technology between criminals. During this seminar we will analyze the Bitcoin technology from a Digital Forensics point of view, looking at Bitcoin wallets, transactions, software and network in order to understand and investigate its use. We will cover also an introduction to Bitcoin antiforensics, pinpointing some techniques to improve Bitcoin users privacy.

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