Seminario Dottorato: “Collective periodic behavior in interacting particle systems“

Wednesday 15 February 2017 h.14:30 - Room 2BC30 - Daniele Tovazzi

ARGOMENTI: Seminars Ph.D. Program

Wednesday 15 February 2017 h.14:30, Room 2BC30
Daniele Tovazzi (Padova, Dip. Mat.)
“Collective periodic behavior in interacting particle systems"

Interacting particle systems constitute a wide class of models, originally motivated by Statistical Mechanics, which in the last decades have become more and more popular, extending their applications to various fields of research such as Biology and Social Sciences. These models are important tools that may be used to study macroscopic behaviors observed in complex systems. Among these phenomena, a very interesting one is collective periodic behavior, in which the system exhibits the emergence of macroscopic rhythmic oscillations even though single components have no natural tendency to behave periodically.
This talk aims to introduce to a general audience some basic tools in the theory of interacting particle systems and some of the mechanisms which can enhance the appearance of self-sustained macroscopic rhythm. After recalling some notions of Probability, we present the classical Curie-Weiss model, which doesn't exhibit periodic behavior, and we show how we can modify it in order to create macroscopic oscillations. This is also the starting point for some recent developments that will be sketched in the last part of the talk.

Rif. int. C. Marastoni, T. Vargiolu

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