Seminario di Analisi Algebrica e Complessa: “Skeletons and moduli of Stokes torsors”

Lunedì 14 Marzo 2017, ore 14:30 - Aula 2BC30 - Jean-Baptiste Teyssier


Lunedì 14 Marzo 2017 alle ore 14:30 in Aula 2BC30, Jean-Baptiste Teyssier (Leuven) terrà una conferenza nell'ambito del seminario di Analisi Algebrica e Complessa dal titolo “Skeletons and moduli of Stokes torsors”.

In the local classification of differential equations of one complex variable, torsors under a certain sheaf of algebraic groups (the Stokes sheaf) play a central role. On the other hand, Deligne defined in positive characteristic a notion of skeletons for l-adic local systems on a smooth variety, constructed an algebraic variety parametrizing skeletons and raised the question wether every skeleton comes from an actual l-adic local system. After some recollections on the Stokes phenomenon, we will explain how to use a variant of Deligne’s skeleton conjecture in characteristic 0 to prove the existence of an algebraic variety parametrizing Stokes torsors. We will show how the geometry of this moduli can be used to prove new finiteness results on differential equations.