Seminario di Informatica: “Location-privacy in the mobile era: challenges and solutions”

Martedì 27 Giugno 2017, ore 11:00 - Aula 1BC45 - Luca Calderoni


Martedì 27 Giugno 2017 alle ore 11:00 in Aula 1BC45, Luca Calderoni (Università di Bologna) terrà un seminario dal titolo “Location-privacy in the mobile era: challenges and solutions”.

The evolution of mobile devices and the diffusion of location-based services (LBS), establish a cornerstone in the digital era. Traditional information (as names, addresses and phone numbers) running across the internet and through a number of other services are now coupled with positional data. With such an impressive amount of information, service providers are able to determine precise location estimates and to know almost everything concerning our opinions, religious and political preferences and private life in general. Anonymous and secure location-based services are thus an important challenge we need to face. Spatial Bloom Filters, a probabilistic data structure designed with location-privacy in mind, represent a viable solution for this issue.

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