Seminario congiunto Analisi Algebrica-Fisica Matematica: “Dirac structures and applications”

Martedì 30 Gennaio 2018, ore 16:30 - Aula 1C150 - Henrique Bursztyn


Nell'ambito delle attività dei Periodi Intensivi “Riemann-Hibert correspondences” e “Hamiltonian Systems” del Dipartimento di Matematica, Martedì 30 Gennaio 2018 alle ore 16:30 in Aula 1C150, Henrique Bursztyn (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro) terrà una conferenza dal titolo “Dirac structures and applications"

Just as symplectic and Poisson structures naturally arise in Hamiltonian mechanics, Dirac structures were introduced around 1990 by T. Courant and A.Weinstein to provide a geometric framework for mechanical systems with constraints. Dirac structures provide a unified viewpoint to several geometrical structures, and a key role in the theory is played by the so-called Courant brackets. Despite its original motivation in geometric mechanics, recent developments in “Dirac geometry” are related to a broad range of topics in mathematics and mathematical physics, including Lie theory, quantization, generalized complex geometry, group-valued moment maps, etc. The talk will give an introduction to Dirac structures, including their main examples and recent applications.