Seminario Dottorato: “Effective conductivity of a composit material and its series expansion"

Wednesday 14 February 2018 h. 14:30 - Room 2BC30 - Roman Pukhtaievych

ARGOMENTI: Seminars Ph.D. Program

Wednesday 14 February 2018 h. 14:30, Room 2BC30
Roman Pukhtaievych (Padova, Dip. Mat.)
“Effective conductivity of a composit material and its series expansion"

In this talk we discuss the asymptotic behavior of the effective conductivity in a dilute two-phase composite with non-ideal contact conditions at the interface. The composite is obtained by introducing into an infinite homogeneous planar matrix a periodic set of inclusions of a different material and the diameter of each inclusion is proportional to a real positive parameter.
After a brief introduction on composit materials, transmission boundary conditions, and the effective conductivity, we will discuss the way how to obtain the series expansion for the effective conductivity, and a fully constructive method to compute explicitly the coefficients of such series by solving recursive systems of integral equations. Also, we will solve some of them in case the inclusions are in the form of a disk.
The talk will be of an introductory type and is intended for a general audience.

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