Lectio Magistralis - Hector J. Sussmann - The Maximum Principle for systems of flows

Mercoledi' 21 Febbraio ore 11.00 Aula 1C150 - Torre Archimede


Il giorno 21 Febbraio 2018, alle ore 11:00,
in aula 1C150 del il Dipartimento di Matematica "Tullio Levi-Civita"

il Prof. Hector J. Sussmann , della Rutgers University,

terrĂ  una LECTIO MAGISTRALIS dal titolo

The Maximum Principle for systems of flows

Gli interessati sono cordialmente invitati a partecipare. La conferenza sarĂ  di carattere generale.

Astratto: The maximum principle (MP) of optimal control theory is usually formulated
in terms of vector fields. But the key point that makes the proof of the MP work
is that the vector fields give rise to flows.On the other hand, flows may have all the
properties needed for the MP to work even if they are not generated by nice vector fields.
So we suggest that a formulation of the MP in terms of flows is preferable, and we argue that such a
formulation has several advantages, such as the possibility of deriving a version of
the MP for hybrid systems.

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