Seminario di Informatica: “Binary Analysis Notes”

Giovedì 21 Giugno 2018, ore 14:00 - Aula 1A150 - Mariano Graziano


Giovedì 21 Giugno 2018 alle ore 14:00 in Aula 1A150, Mariano Graziano (Cisco), terrà un seminario dal titolo “Binary Analysis Notes”.

The “Binary Analysis Notes” seminar provides an overview of cybersecurity topics, while boosting interests for this interesting discipline. We will start with a short introduction about origins of hacking and will move to today's activities, such as Catch The Flag competitions and bug bounty rewards. We will deeply focus on binary analysis, anti-analysis and anti-debugging techniques. The seminar will be concluded with an exercise on real ELF binary unpacking.
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