Seminario: “Online Conformance Checking”

Mercoledì 17 Ottobre 2018, ore 17:00 - Aula 1BC50 - Andrea Burattin


Mercoledì 17 Ottobre 2018 alle ore 17:00 in Aula 1BC50, Andrea Burattin (DTU - Denmark) terrà un seminario dal titolo “Online Conformance Checking”.

Abstract: The field of conformance checking, part of process mining, aims to quantify the extent to which the execution of a process, captured within recorded corresponding event data, conforms to a given reference model. Existing techniques assume a post-mortem scenario, i.e. they detect deviations based on complete executions of the process. Such assumption limits their applicability in an online setting. In such context, we aim to detect deviations online (i.e., in-vivo), in order to provide recovery possibilities before the execution of a process instance is completed. Online conformance checking carries scientific and computational challenges, since the processing has to take place immediately when events are emitted, possibly at very high speed. The benefits of these family of techniques, however, are impactful: to provide immediate knowledge on what is happening, thus detecting very early if the system is properly behaving and how its users interact with it. This talk will cover the basics of online process mining as well as technical details about online conformance checking.
This talk is based on results of joint collaborations with Josep Carmona (UPC, Barcelona), Abel Armas-Cervantes (The University of Melbourne), Bas van Zelst (Fraunhofer Institute FIT, Aachen) and Boudewijn van Dongen (TU/Eindhoven).

Short Bio
Andrea Burattin is tenure-track assistant professor at DTU (Denmark). Before that he has been post doctoral researcher at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and University of Padua. The IEEE Task Force on Process Mining awarded to his Ph.D. thesis the Best Process Mining Dissertation Award 2012-2013. He serves as organizer of Business Process Intelligence (BPI) workshop since 2015 and he is in the program committee of several conferences, such as BPM, ICPM, ICSOFT and Profes.

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