Seminario dottorato: “Regular domain perturbation problems”

Wednesday 5 December 2018, h. 14:30 - Room 2BC30 - Paolo Luzzini

ARGOMENTI: Seminars Ph.D. Program

Wednesday 5 December 2018, h. 14:30, Room 2BC30
Paolo Luzzini (Padova, Dip. Mat.)
“Regular domain perturbation problems”

The study of the dependence of functionals related to partial differential equations and of quantities of physical relevance upon smooth domain perturbations is a classical topic and has been carried out by several authors. In this talk we will give an introductory overview about regular domain perturbation problems. We will provide concrete examples, highlight the motivations and the possible applications, and present an outline of some new results obtained in collaboration with P. Musolino and R. Pukhtaievych.

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