Seminario di equazioni differenziali e applicazioni: “Generalised Riemann Integrals and Stokes' Theorem with singularities”

Mercoledì 20 Marzo 2019, ore 12:00 - Aula 1BC45 - Antoine Julia


Mercoledì 20 Marzo 2019 alle ore 12:00 in Aula 1BC45, Antoine Julia (Università di Padova) terrà un seminario dal titolo “Generalised Riemann Integrals and Stokes' Theorem with singularities”.

Non-absolutely convergent integration methods, inspired from the Integral of Henstock and Kurzweil, can be used to obtain generalised versions of the Divergence Theorem and Stokes' Theorem. These are particularly adapted to the removal of singularities for partial differential equations in divergence form. I will present the general spirit of these integrals and the challenges their construction presents. I will also discuss the adaptation of Pfeffer's Integral to singular varieties seen as integral currents, and a corresponding Stokes' Theorem.

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