Seminar in mathematical physics and related subjects: “Shaken dynamics, tides and earthquakes”

Lunedì 18 Marzo 2019, ore 13:30 - Aula 1C150 - Benedetto Scoppola + Alessio Troiani


Lunedì 18 Marzo 2019 alle ore 13:30 in Aula 1C150, Benedetto Scoppola (Roma, Tor Vergata) e Alessio Troiani (DM - Padova) terranno un seminario dal titolo “Shaken dynamics, tides and earthquakes”.

In this talk we present a non-homogeneous probabilistic cellular automaton (a “parallel” Markov chain) for spin systems on a square lattice. We describe the stationary measure of the chain and investigate the connection of this dynamics with an equivalent one on the honeycomb lattice. Further we determine a set of values for the parameters of the dynamics that allows us to interpret it as a “microscopic” model for the interaction between lithosphere and mantle. In this context, the transitions of the Markov chain are thought to represent earthquakes and the non-homogeneity of the chain is intended to mimic the effect of tidal forces on the lithosphere.