Introduction to convex and nonsmooth analysis

ARGOMENTI: Seminars Ph.D. Program

Prof. Boris Mordukhovich will visit our department for three months, sponsored by Fondazione CARIPARO.
He is going to deliver the 20 hours course "Introduction to convex and nonsmooth analysis", according to the attached tentative schedule.
The first lecture will take place Tuesday, January 20 at 2pm in the room 1A/150.
The program can be found in the courses catalog at the "dottorato" home page.
The course will be delivered starting from a basic knowledge in analysis and will be a unique occasion to learn very important tools of modern analysis.
This course is complemented by the course on "Introduction to geometric measure theory", which will be delivered by Dr. Davide Vittone, which will also be a very good occasion to learn very important tools of modern analysis.
Both theories aim of treating "irregular sets and functions" from different point of views.
I plan, for those interested, to deliver a lecture at the end of the courses showing some examples of relations between the two theories.

Rif. int. G. Colombo

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