Colloquia Patavina: Actions of finite groups on power series rings


Martedi' 31 Marzo 2009 alle ore 16:00 in aula 1A/150 della Torre Archimede il Prof. Ted Chinburg (University of Pennsylvania) terra' una conferenza della serie Colloquia Patavina.

La Commissione Colloquia
M. A. Garuti, M. Pavon, M. Pitteri, F. Rossi

Actions of finite groups on power series rings

Ted Chinburg (University of Pennsylvania)

It is an old problem to describe explicitly the ways in which a given finite group can act via ring automorphisms on a power series ring k[[t]] over a field k of characteristic p > 0. I will focus in this talk on actions of finite cyclic p-groups. This is related to the algebraic geometry of Katz-Gabber covers of curves in characteristic p. The main result is a classification of Katz-Gabber covers with "extra" automorphisms.

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