A Queuing Model for a Large Network of Major Airports


Martedi' 5 maggio alle ore 15 in aula 2BC/60 il prof. Amedeo Odoni del MIT (Operations Research Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) terra' un seminario dal titolo "A Queuing Model for a Large Network of Major Airports".

In this talk we shall describe the Approximate Network Delays model, a stochastic and dynamic queuing model that computes delays at individual airports in a network, as well as captures the propagation of delays from airport to airport. The AND model has been applied to a network of 22 of the busiest commercial airports in the United States. It offers very interesting insights on how congestion at one or more airports affects the other parts of the network. These insights have been confirmed, in a qualitative sense, through the analysis of massive historical data on airport delays.

(This is joint work with graduate students Nikolas Pyrgiotis and Thomas Morisset.)

Rif. int. G. Andreatta