On Matlis domains and Pruefer sections of Noetherian domains


Nell'ambito dei seminari MALGA, il Prof. Bruce Olberding, della New Mexico State University, terra' Martedì 19 maggio 2009 alle ore 15:00 in aula 2BC/60 un seminario dal titolo "On Matlis domains and Pruefer sections of Noetherian domains".

The class of Matlis domains R (i.e., domains whose field of quotients has projective dimension 1 as R-module) is surprisingly broad. However, whether every domain of Krull dimension 1 is a Matlis domain does not appear to have resolved in the literature. We construct a class of examples of 1-dimensional domains (in fact, almost Dedekind domains) that are overrings of K[X,Y], but are not Matlis domains. These domains fit in a larger context of what we term "Pruefer sections" of Noetherian domains.

Rif. int. L. Salce