Deconstructible Classes in Grothendieck Categories


Mercoledi' 20 gennaio alle ore 16 in aula 2BC/60 il dott. Jan Stovicek dell'Universita' Karlova di Praga terra' una conferenza dal titolo "Deconstructible Classes in Grothendieck Categories".

A full subcategory of a Grothendieck category is called deconstructible if it consists of all transfinite extensions of some set of objects. This concept provides a handy framework for construction of model structures on categories of quasi-coherent sheaves and t-structures in not necessarily well-generated algebraic triangulated categories. It is also closely related to Kaplansky
classes introduced by Enochs and Lopez-Ramos. In this talk I aim to establish fundamental results on deconstructible classes in a form of easy to apply statements, in this way aiding further development of the above mentioned applications, having in mind especially work of Gillespie, Estrada, Guil Asensio, Murfet, Neeman, Prest, Trlifaj and others.

Rif. int. S. Bazzoni