A Polymer in a Multi-Interface Medium


Giovedi' 11 marzo 2010 alle ore 14.30, in Aula 1BC/50 della Torre Archimede, il dott. Nicolas Pétrélis (Università di Nantes) terra' un seminario dal titolo "A Polymer in a Multi-Interface Medium".

We consider a model for a polymer interacting with an infinity of interfaces. The polymer configurations are given by the trajectories of a n-step directed simple random walk in dimension 1+1. The medium consists in an infinity of equi-spaced horizontal interfaces and we allow the distance (T) between two consecutive interfaces to grow with the size of the polymer (n). The interaction between the polymer and these interfaces takes the form of an homogeneous pinning or depinning term. We analyse in particular the vertical speed at which the right extremity (Sn) of the polymer travels in the medium. More precisely, we display the scaling limit of (Sn) for every interaction intensity and every growth regime of T.

Rif. int. F. Caravenna