Eulerian quasisymmetric functions

Venerdi 11 Giugno - prof. John Shareshian


Venerdi 11 Giugno alle ore 10.30 in aula 2AB/40 il prof. John Shareshian (Washington University) terra' un seminario dal titolo "Eulerian quasisymmetric functions".

Using the theory of quasisymmetric functions, with Wachs we produced a generating function for the joint distribution of the excedance and major index statistics on the symmetric group. The quasisymmetric functions we defined and studied turn out to be symmetric and appear in other combinatorial and geometric settings. Refinements of these functions are used in joint work with Sagan and Wachs to prove that the conjugation action of the subgroup of S_n generated by the cycle (12...n) on the set of elements of a fixed conjugacy class with a fixed number of excedances satisfies the cyclic sieving phenomenon with respect to the generating polynomial for (major index - excedance number).

Giovedi 10 si terra' anche il seminario "Chains of modular elements and connectivity of order complexes of finite lattices".

Rif. int. A. Lucchini

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